Publications and lectures


Title Publication Language Description
Liturgisk orgelspill Stavanger, 1996 Norwegian A textbook on organ music
Voll kyrkje 1896-1996 Måndalen, 1996 Norwegian (joint author with Aa. Wold og A. Bø) On local history and culture, including a section on music
Joyful Noise? The Why, What and How of music in church. With Foreword by former Archbishop George Carey. Holy Trinity Press, 2006. ISBN 0-9554393-0-2 English A handbook and rationale on church music
To Trær   Norwegian Subtle word play, double entendres and structural techniques used in the Hebrew Old Testament do not survive translation, so that the meaning of many of the narratives (for instance in Genesis) is lost. The whole message of the New Testament rests on the foundations of these narratives.
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Doctoral Dissertation

Thomas Chilcot and his concertos PhD diss, University of Wales 1991 Copy available here (PDF)

Contributory author of books

Title Publication Language Description
Aspects of keyboard music Oxford, 1986/92 English Chapter on the development of concertos.
Copy available here (PDF)


Title Journal Publication Description
William Smethergell, Organist Musical Times cxxiv (June 1983), 381-84 Detailed biography of hitherto unfamiliar rococo composer
Copy available here (PDF)
An eighteenth-century Lichfield Music Society Music Review xliv (1983), 83-86 The rules, activities and library holdings examined in the light of formerly unpublicised manuscripts, subscription lists, etc.
Copy available here (PDF)
Plagiarism, fiddles and tarantulas Musical Times cxxv (June 1984), 325-27 The story of which pieces of music could cure tarantula bites was circulated for hundreds of years and surfaced in otherwise authoritative works of history, music and medicine.
Copy available here as web page or PDF file
Kirkemusikalsk senter på Soltun Norsk Kirkemusikk L (February 1997), 18-19 Short account of the newly-established Church Music Course Centre at Soltun College
Copy available here (PDF)
Articles The Revised New Grove (London 1999-2000) Articles on 18th-century English music
Articles Die Musik in Geschichte & Gegenwart Basel, 1996-2001 Articles on 18th-century English music
Fugl i en Fiss, eller katt i en sekk? Orgelkjøpet som gikk bra til slutt. Norsk Kirkemusikk L (April 1997), 5-13 The building in 1841 and later vicissitudes of a Danish organ casts unexpected light on local history.
Copy available here (PDF)
Seraphic Lays': Thomas Chilcot 1707-1766 Hexachord: The Journal of Early Music Wales vol II no. 2 (February 2000), 4-13 In connection with the publication of a new Chilcot CD, the article examines Chilcot as song composer and throws some new light on his music collection.
Copy available here (PDF)
Konferanse om organist- og kirkemusikerutdanningen i Norge; HiT (referat) Norsk Kirkemusikk LIII (November 2000), 37-39 Report on Tromsø conference on Norwegian church-music training.
Copy available here (PDF)
Noen refleksjoner om rekruttering og utdanning av kirkemusikere Norsk kirkemusikk liv (February 2001), 4-12 Conclusions from several years' work on curriculum and course development.
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Kilder til finansiering av konserter Norsk kirkemusikk liv (March 2001), 9-13 Local, national and international sources of funding for music festivals and concerts.
Copy available here
A tale of deception Choir and Organ x (January/February 2002) A historic organ saved from destruction by deception in the 1920s.
Kirkemusik-konsulent på nordnorsk Norsk Kirkemusikk lv (January 2002),12-16 An account of the steps taken in Northern Norway to improve recruitment and degree-level training in music, and how this relates to the rest of Norway.
Text copy here - PDF copy here
Taking the lead Choir and Organ xii (May/June 2004) 18-21 Aspects of hymn playing
Copy available here (PDF)
Articles The Organ: An Encyclopedia (ed. Douglas Bush) New York: Routledge 2005
ISBN: 0415941741
Articles on organ history
The twelve harpsichord concertos of Thomas Chilcot Early Keyboard Journal Vol 23 (2005), 33-66 Substantial article on Chilcot's two collections of keyboard concertos
Copy available here (PDF)
Kirkemusikk, kultur og kantor Norsk Kirkemusikk lviii (August 2005), 12-17 An attempt at fundamental definitions of church music and musicians
Copy available here (PDF)
Orgelet - et hellig instrument? Norsk Kirkemusikk lviii (September 2005), 11-18 Must churches have organs?
Copy available here (PDF)
Noen tanker rundt salmeseddelen Norsk Kirkemusikk lviii (October 2005), 36-40 Do hymns have a future?
Copy available here (PDF)
Nytt orgel i Nordreisa Norsk Kirkemusikk lviii (December 2005), 4-8 Consultant's rationale and description of a new organ in Northern Norway
Copy available here (PDF)


of museum catalogues etc. from Norwegian to English
contributed to translation of D.J. Grout's History of Western Music into Welsh for University of Wales

Compositions and editions

Collections of organ music published by Cantando Musikkforlag in Stavanger, Norway: some works re-published in Germany and Sweden. Also critical scholarly editions of historical works.

Edition of William Smethergell's Favorite Concerto (1784) downloadable here (PDF file 1.81 MB - requires Acrobat Reader).

"Takksemd" - a cantata for small amateur choir (SAB but mostly unison), solo woodwind and piano/organ, with text by Trygve Bjerkrheim.
First performed in Bjerkreim Church, Norway, 10 September 2010 (MP3 of performance here).
Score downloadable here (PDF file 934 KB - requires Acrobat Reader). Parts available on request.
Wedding song "Alt er gjort i stand til fest" (PDF file - requires Acrobat Reader); electronic synthesised "performance" as mp3 file.

Some useful practical editions.


Editor, illustrated calendar: Scandinavian organs (Cantando musikkforlag, 1997). With historical information about composers and organ builders.

Keynote speeches at national conferences

Other music conference papers, public lectures, etc.