Joyful noise? The Why, What and How of music in church

"A rich, deeply considered compilation ... immensely sound, wise and informative"
Peter Dale in Choir & Organ

Foreword by former Archbishop of Canterbury
Most Revd Dr George Carey (Lord Carey of Clifton)

Illustrated by Bill Hindle

Published by Holy Trinity Press.
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PART I: Why?
Chapter 1 Church and music
Chapter 2 Church and musician
Chapter 3 Church and instrument
PART II: What?
Chapter 4 Services
Chapter 5 Funerals and weddings
Chapter 6 Concerts
Chapter 7 Playover
Chapter 8 Playing the verses
Chapter 9 Psalms and responses
Chapter 10 Using the organ

By Lord Carey of Clifton
(Former Archbishop of Canterbury)

Of all relationships within the church, that between incumbents and musicians seems to be the most delicate and problematic. Why should this be the case? How can music - one of God's great gifts - be a source of division and disagreement in Christian ministry?

In answer to this question, Dr Rishton looks closely at the different roles that music and the musician can play in the church and builds up a surprising picture of church music as a pastoral ministry. He charts some of the developments in different denominations that have led to the ambiguities of role that now result in difficult relationships. These principles find a practical expression in a detailed analysis of how the musician can inspire and communicate with a congregation.

However, this is not only a practical handbook for musicians: it is a challenge to us all to rethink our ideas about church music. It should be read not only by church organists and music group leaders but by clergy and church officials too because, central to Dr Rishton's vision, is that all those who have a leadership role in our churches will work together towards a common vision and purpose - the Kingdom of Christ.

George Carey
December 2004

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