Bach Recital
in Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh
Tim Rishton
16 January 2004

Organ in Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Toccata in d minor ("Dorian")

Von Gott will ich nicht lassen BWV 658
(from "18" Leipzig Chorales)

Sonata 1 in Eb

Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland BWV 659
(from "18" Leipzig Chorales)

A-minor concerto after Vivaldi



of the Organ in the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh
built by Jürgen Ahrend (1977-8)
  1. Prestant 8
  2. Hohlflöte 8
  3. Oktave 4
  4. Spitzflöte 4
  5. Nasat 2 2/3
  6. Oktave 2
  7. Mixture IV-V
  8. Trompete 8
  9. Tremulant whole organ by slide control
  1. Gedackt 8
  2. Prestant 4
  3. Rohrflöte 4
  4. Waldflöte 2
  5. Quinte 1 1/3
  6. Sesquialtera II TG
  7. Scharf IV
  8. Dulzian 8
  9. Tremulant whole organ by slide control
  1. Subbass 16
  2. Oktave 8
  3. Oktave 4
  4. Posaune 16
  5. Trompete 8
Tuning: After Werkmeister III
"Astoundingly good ... a world-class organist""
Romsdals Budstikke

Since his acclaimed City of London debut at age 18, Dr Tim Rishton has enjoyed a distinguished international career as concert organist, broadcaster, author and lecturer, also holding posts at Norwegian and British universities.

He studied with Susi Jeans and at the universities of Reading (winning all organ-playing prizes), Manchester and Wales, where he took a doctorate in 18th-century music and later lectured.

Although best known for the German Baroque repertoire, his performances have ranged from Poulenc's organ concerto and 18th-century British concertos to Bach's complete organ works, and from Franz Schmidt at the Royal College of Organists to Scandinavian music at the Nordlands Festival. This year he is playing in Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, Sweden and France, as well as in England, Scotland and Wales. Later this year he will be returning to Scotland to give a master class at Aberdeen University and a recital on the new organ at Aberdeen Cathedral.

2005 includes concert tours in SE Australia and in the USA.

He has given lectures and master classes (several of them broadcast) in Norwegian, English and Welsh at many universities. He has made regular radio and television broadcasts, on the Norwegian channel NRK, as well as on HTV, S4C and BBC - most recently BBC1's televised Christmas service.

He has made a number of solo recordings, as well as recordings with Aled Jones, Simon Roberts and others. He is currently recording a CD of Italian Baroque music, a double CD of Bach's Art of Fugue, and preparing a CD of Norwegian organ music, including two major works especially written for the occasion.

As well as published organ music and many articles in scholarly journals and in The Revised New Grove and the German music encyclopaedia Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Tim has written a number of books, one of which (on liturgical organ playing) has been translated from Norwegian into various languages. His latest book, on British church music, is due out shortly.